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Thank you for your interest in my work and all your kind words. I am grateful that you share your opinion with me :), Marta

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I have an insatiable appetite for Marta's work and have purchased a number of pieces for myself and as gifts for friends and family. Everyone loves Marta's work. Marta has a huge talent and her vibrant use of colour and subject matter breathe new life into my London home like a ray of sunshine, it feels like summer every day. It makes me so happy. Her attention to detail and use of only the most reliable suppliers mean that packaging and delivery are prompt every time. The certificate of authenticity for original work is utterly professionally supplied and a privilege document to own. Marta Zawadzka is on the radar and an artist to watch for the future, highly collectable.

Comment by Harmesh |

Beautiful, vibrant paintings....very very happy

Comment by Sam |

Had a great experience. The painting is beautiful and it came very quickly with no problems at all.

Comment by Heather |

I have purchased three paintings from Marta. Her promptness and packaging was outstanding; however I am more than pleased with the works of color. They are art in the very sense of what art should be. They are pleasing to the eye and they are works that I keep staring at. San Francisco Dream is my centerpiece! R.

Comment by Robert C |

Marta was efficient and courteous in all communications, and her artwork was above and beyond the image and description online. I would encourage anybody with an interest in Marta's work to invest, you will not be disappointed x

Comment by Robert |

It looks stunning in my living room!

Comment by Laurence |

Hej, chodziłam na kurs dla hobbystów do Marty Zawadzkiej przez prawie 6 lat. To bardzo ważny kawałek mojego życia,..Zawsze marzyłam o tym, aby rysować i malować, ale nie wierzyłam, ze dam rade spełnić swoje marzenie. U Marty udało się!!! Nauczyłam się niesamowicie dużo, a przede wszystkim uwielbiałam spędzać tam czas. Marta jest świetną nauczycielką, zawsze indywidualnie podchodzi do każdego, z wielkim wyczuciem i empatią. Niezwykle uczciwa i elastyczna pod każdym względem osoba. Życzę wszystkim, aby uruchomiła ponownie lekcje w starej formie. Sama na pewno będę korzystać ze wszelkich sposobów, aby poprawiać swoje umiejętności pod okiem Marty.

Comment by ALicja |

Hello to everyone, I was, as my preceding commentators one of Marta's students. I began my journey with professional painting two years ago and now I'm a happy student of Architecture at University of Science and Technology in Warsaw. I owe Mrs Marta a specific point of view on perspective, paintings, and all art finally. By Marta you don't have to paint with some scheme, ( what is fostered willingly by other curses), here everybody could find his own way to do art, of course under careful control of Mrs Marta. She always gives precious advises, which helps by better observation of surroundings, She gives her students also a chance to find own skills and develop own style, because there nobody is criticized. I remember, as I asked once how should I paint, which line is properly? She said that it doesn't matter, because I had to paint as I want- the final effect is the most important. Another reason why I choose that course was the calm atmosphere. I'm rather a shy person, and avoid crowd, but there I've never felt uncomfortable. It was a nice place where I could fully focused on art.
I'm thankful to Mrs Marta for her advises, and encourage other who wants to start with art.

Comment by Patrycja Janicka |

I've been attending drawing classes conducted by Martha for 3,5 years. My first intention was just to learn drawing but Martha made me realize a pencil may be just a beginning of a more diversed and colourful journey. She always has this strong belief in an individual, which allows one to overcome own constraints. She has this sort of perfect intuition that allows to guide a student gently in the kind of direction, which will turn out to be a discovery. And for those who already know what they want to achieve, she immediatelly becomes a discreet mentor. To me what mattered the most was Martha's incredible flexibility in working with people and providing every individual with the right feedback, which always motivated to do a bit more that one can do at that time. Regardless the student's level and favourite technique, she knows what to do / say to make you become better and better each time. I would recommend anyone to allow Martha discover and evolve the talent one may not yet be aware of...

Comment by Katarzyna |

Participation in these courses let me open my mind. Now, I see colors everywhere. Marta always gave me the best hints. She gave me also the certainty that everybody could paint.
Courses were my favorite activity in my whole week. If you want to spend time with very kind people, learn how to paint and do it very well or feel pleasant atmosphere, you need to take this courses. I truly recommand it! It will be always in my mind!

Comment by Justyna Wojtkowska |